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by Fistfuck

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Fuck The Facts songs:


released May 12, 2015

Dallaire - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Déro - Guitar
Steve Jonk - Lead Vocals
Marcel - Drums

The Grind Choir aka la capitale du vocal:
Crocko - Charge - Mike Waters - Jack Moose (+ guitar solo in Corrupted Vultures)

Recorded on March 8 2014 at Studio Sismique by Jack Moose.

Released on vinyl by d7i records, Doomsday Machine records and Noise Salvation. Released on cd by PRC Music.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Consume, Consumed
Consume the void,
the void of my life
My life of consumerism,
consume my void
Burning inside,
Source of yearning
Beyond the needs, burning my desire
Fill my empty life with ashes
Everything is consumed, there’s nothing left
Anything can be consumed, my vain desires
I want, I want, I burn to want to...
Life consumed ! Life consumed !
Track Name: Corrupted Vultures
Corrupted vultures attack in secrecy,
behind the curtain
Blinded, the sleeping flock won’t see,
they don’t want to
Surrounding, always want more, never satisfied
Disbelief, buried in our comfort, we don’t care
Vultures fly, sheep sleep, always blinded
Vultures fly, sheep sleep, always fucked
Slap the heads of the weak is the law
Climb the ladder, crush all others is the law
Track Name: Posigrind
Walking the streets, birds singing
The sky is blue, i’m happy
Smile to everybody, they think i’m dumb
I’m a happy imbecile
Always see the good side
Life is beautiful, I don’t see the evil
I listen to positive grindcore
I love positive grindcore
I want positive grindcore
I live for positive grindcore
I help old women cross the street
I voluntarily help the poor
Going to rehearsal
I scream in the mic
Throw my head against the walls
Make music nobody listens to
Track Name: Scream For Screaming
Some say music is there to protest, to pass a message
We only want to blow off steam and cut loose
Nothin’ to complain about
Only want to blast our heads
Scream for screaming
We’re not here to rake one’s brains
but to break it on the wall
We leave our problems at the door
and bang our head’s off
Leave your life for a night,
you’ll take it again tomorrow
Come with us, think about nothing, take a drink,
have a good time
Track Name: Another Nameless War
A war! Without media
A war! Without name
A war! That we don’t see
A war! Desired and expected
They want your wealth, your territory,
want you to submit, to obey
Civilians will be exterminated,
their land will be destroyed
their wives will be violated,
their children will become slaves
Another war! Without media
Another war! Without name
Another war! That we don’t see
Another war! Desired and expected
Lust to conquer, be the strongest,
beat the neighbor...
Embedded in a battle that doesn’t concern us,
for a higher interest, for an higher desire
Another nameless war,
one more on the heap
No one fuckin’ cares,
we change the channel on t.v.
No more contact with reality,
‘cause you’re dead
No more with your loved ones,
‘cause you’re dead
Will no longer see your land,
‘cause you’re dead
Never see your children grow,
‘cause you’re dead...
Another war! Without media
Another war! Without name
Another war! That we don’t see
Another war! Desired and expected
Desired and expected, Another nameless war !